Winter is upon us

Baby, it’s cold outside! They might call it autumn, but winter is almost here and we’re flicking switches or stoking fires to keep the chill at bay. With the focus on the indoors and “cocooning” on cold winter’s nights, we need to be mindful of some of the safety aspects of heating and fires and general winter home maintenance.

  • Make sure you get your appliances checked out by a qualified electrician, particularly electric blankets.
  • Don’t waste money and let the hot air out – check for drafts around windows and under doors.
  • Check your fire alarms and for good measure make the first day of winter the day you change your batteries, if you haven’t already done so.
  • If you have a wood heater, make sure you check the flue is clean and there are no obstructions there that may have built up over past winters or occured over summer.

I’m not a qualified electrician – but there are plenty around. However, I can help with fixing drafts, checking fire alarms and cleaning wood heaters. Then there are those other little jobs that build up and make life a little more uncomfortable over winter – like doors that don’t close properly and taps that drip all your hot water down the drain. Give me a ring and I’ll get those things fixed for you!

By the way, Fire & Rescue NSW have a really handy little website up called A lot can happen in 3 minutes and there’s a great Home Fire Safety Checklist that is worth having a look at.

Image: (c) 2011 Kim V. Goldsmith, wire sculpture on wood heater (c) Merryn Spencer


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