Happy days are here again…

As the song goes: Happy days are here again, the skies above are clear again…It has been nice to feel the warmth of the sun again after a cold few months, but there’s no doubt the warmer days require a bit of preparation. The other half had me up a ladder only last night wiping the dust off the ceiling fans and the past few weekends we’ve been in the garden cleaning up in time for some summer entertaining.

Christmas is only 9 weeks away and I know there’s a list here at home as long as my arm of things that “will want doing” in that time…new plantings, weeding, mulching, pruning, painting, paving, de-cobwebbing, spit and polishing all those places that we just don’t have time or the inclination to get to at other times of the year. Most of these jobs are outside too because that’s where we often spend our time when the weather warms up.

Don’t forget though, that before the weather actually becomes hot and we head inside in the heat of the day, there’s still plenty of maintenance to be done on our air-conditioning units, the vents, ceiling fans, and flyscreens, just to name a few. There’s plenty can be done to save power at this time of year too by ensuring you have everything working well and you use some of the ideas from this great page we have created a link to – Resource Smart: Keep your home cool in summer.

If you need a hand with any of the “to do” list – give me a call. When it’s all done, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the festive season!


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