Gardens take a hit during a hot, dry Dubbo summer

tap_watertimer_webHappy New Year and here’s hoping for a wet one! One month into the summer of 2012/13 and it’s as dry as the proverbial bone. As we look to the skies for some relief and work at getting into the garden early in the day or during the evening to keep water up to thirsty lawns and plants, it’s a good time to reassess how you’re watering your garden.

Even if you have the luxury of being on a town water supply, you can’t just turn on the tap and walk away. It’s estimated that 2o-25 percent of drinking quality water is used on our gardens! Here are a few things to think about this summer while we wait for the rain.

  • Use a timer where possible for sprinkler systems.
  • Water your garden early morning or evening to reduce evaporation;
  • Water established trees, shrubs and lawns less frequently but deeply, allowing the water to slowly penetrate;
  • Mulch your garden with organic materials and compost to reduce evaporation and weed growth;
  • Choose plants that do well in dry conditions such as natives, succulents and mediterranean plants;
  • Group plants with similar watering requirements.

Dubbo City Council has a water conservation page on their website that is worth looking at, including a PDF document you can download called Sustaining Gardens in Dry Times.

Give me a call if you need a hand with your watering system, installing timers, mulching or general garden tidy-ups. And don’t forget to keep a bit of length in your lawn when you’re cutting it – the roots need some protection from the scorching heat.

Cameron the Handyman will be taking a break from the heat of Dubbo from 9 – 21 January.


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