Brrrr…keep the heat on the inside

fire in winterWinter is upon us. As the temperatures plummet outside, it’s really unfortunate when they drop inside as well.

No one has enjoyed the hike in electricity prices and unless you’re completely off the grid or well set up with a solar panel system, you’re going to be looking to find ways of maximising the dollars you spend on heating this winter.

So, a few basics to keep in mind over the coming months:

  • Installing ceiling insulation can reduce your annual power bill by 40%* (Energy Use in Your Home, Environment NSW);
  • If you’re in an older house, it might be time to consider renewing your insulation. Don’t forget to check corners of ceilings, walls and floors are properly insulated too, as heat will leak from these areas;
  • If you added up all the cracks and gaps, it would be the equivalent of having a 1 metre by 1.5 metre window open all the time. They can account for 15 – 25% of heat lost in your home* (Environment Victoria). Use weather stripping under doors and around windows to reduce leakage;
  • Polished floor boards in old houses are lovely – but you really will need something underneath to stop heat from escaping;
  • Let in the light! If you have north-facing windows in your house, leave your blinds up through the day to draw in as much free heat as possible;
  • Ensure you have heavy curtains you can draw in the evening, preferably with a pelmet above, so when the sun goes down you can to trap heat in the house;
  • Here’s an easy one…close off any rooms you aren’t using;
  • Insulate your external hot water pipes by wrapping with insulating tape to reduce the heat loss from your hot water tank to the taps, and reduce the energy needed to get your hot water;
  • Finally, watch the temperature and put on extra layers of clothing to reduce the temperature needed to keep you warm inside.

If you need help checking your place for drafts and doing some of the more basic winter maintenance jobs, give me a call on 0429 87 92 62.




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