Take time to plan

Cameron the Handyman buildingAnother summer has passed, although the heat is hanging around. If you’re now thinking of doing some major improvements in time for next summer, the coming months are the ideal time to do your planning, get quotes and then book the job early enough to ensure you enjoy the finished work.

When it comes time to get a quote, here are a few things you need to make sure you cover when talking to your trades.

  • Dimensions of the structure, the area to be made over, or the size of the room;
  • Details of any particular features you want included – a plan or sketch up can help;
  • Materials you want to use, any preferences, particularly finishes;
  • A budget if you have one;
  • Decide if you want to manage your own tradies (if more than one is required) OR if you’d prefer us to subcontract the trades within the one job.

We provide obligation free quotes after looking at prospective jobs, where I talk to you about your needs. Sometimes it’ll take a little bit of time to get all the information together to provide a comprehensive quote for you, but we’re very aware that timing is everything.


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