Spring time blues

Spring budsI’m borrowing a line from Gerard Manley Hopkins here:

“Nothing is so beautiful as Spring – When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush…”

And don’t they get away after only a few millimetres of rain? We could do with a lot more rain at this stage, but there seems to be just enough to get the weeds growing.

It’s a busy time as everyone seems to decide at once that they want things cleaned up for the warmer months ahead (and the clock is ticking down to Christmas) – everything from garden clean-ups to small renovations.

The key to making the spring clean not quite so big a job for me or you, is to do things more regularly. A tough gig when you’re busy and not always fun, but it certainly saves time and money when the weather warms up.

Anyone in trades will probably be finding that the work becomes more constant from here on in as everyone wants their job done today…or at the latest, tomorrow. Patience is a virtue, or so my mother told me, but it doesn’t always wear so well when talking with potential clients.

So, if you’re looking to do a spring clean at your place – be it oiling the deck, a fresh coat of paint, a garden tidy up or changing batteries in your smoke detectors –  think about what you can do and then give me a ring about the rest. Get a list happening of all the things you want done and prioritise it. And if I can’t do it, I’m always happy to give you some idea of who might.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmer days and have a word to that person of influence about sending down some decent rain before summer gets here.


Spring clean your way to a carefree summer!

Well, if it is not going to rain then the sun may as well shine and it’s certainly doing that at the moment. The wattle is out and in some cases nearly spent, and the deciduous trees are budding, which, along with the warmer days is a good sign spring has sprung. You may have been thinking about the annual spring clean as council’s kerbside clean up gets underway. It’s not just the clutter and dust in our sheds and homes that needs attending too though.

Spring is a great time to clean your solar panels and gutters so that you are not only ready to capture the best of the sunny months ahead, but in the case of cleaning gutters, you’ll be ready for when the rain comes tumbling down! Think of some of the other jobs that might need looking at while there’s someone on your roof – it’s not a spot that gets regular attention.

Some other jobs worth considering at this time of year are putting in rainwater tanks, if you haven’t already got one, and cleaning up the garden for the odd spring/summer celebration to come…or just a quiet BBQ!

Want a quote? Give me a call on 0429 879 262 and I’ll arrange a time to have a look – obligation free of course!

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost on us and there are a few jobs you should do so you can enjoy the longer days and warmer months:
* Clean and check your guttering
* Remove rubbish from around your home
* Ensure your taps don’t leak and your hoses are in good repair
* Check and clean your flyscreens
* Make sure screen doors close properly
* Get your air-conditioning checked
* Clean the dust from your ceiling fans
* Make sure your smoke detectors are working
* Tidy up the garden, re-mulch beds that need a top up

Running out of time to do some of this? Give me call! In the meantime, stay cool – check out the great tips from Sustainability Victoria on keeping your home cool this summer – see the favourite links in the right margin. I’ve included some other useful tips and contacts below – the links of which are in my favourite links list as well:

For emergency help in floods and storms call:
State Emergency Service (SES)on 132 500

For ideas about how to prepare your property for summer check out information from the NSW Fire Brigade and NSW Rural Fire Service.